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Client Services

Our intent is to give you guidance that is practical and effective for maximizing your results and delivering innovative solutions that benefit your customers. As we identify opportunities with you, we can also help assemble resources (via industry parnters) to accelerate adoption of your product or service so as to achieve win-win outcomes. We will provide you a platform to collaborate and engage with our client community that is appropriate for your strategy.

MIGUIDE will enhance your value proposition to achieve a more strategic relationship with your OEM customers avoid competing on price alone.
Make the Shoft from Tactical to Stategic
Strategic & Tactical        
Our services include the following:
Product concept generation and development   as part of your roadmap planning team
Business strategy
New business development
Pricing strategy
Brand positioning and product messaging
Research and market analysis
Lifecycle management
Customer account management
The benefits for you include:
Proactively intersect market trends
Develop more innovative user driven product   designs & proposals
Align your proposals to your customers'   priorities with the benefits end users value
Create sustained, mutually beneficial   customer relationships with strategic   interdependency - eliminate competing on   price alone
Achieve a sustained win-win model offering   your customers increasing value over time -   become an essential partner
Reach decision makers quickly
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