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About Us
Our experience spans over seventeen years working at the world’s largest PC OEMs from Compaq Computer Corporation to Hewlett-Packard to Dell Inc. We have successfully led product marketing and development teams building platform and accessory businesses while working closely with industry partners. Our passion and expertise is identifying and creating new product and business opportunities that benefit end users, your business, and the companies you serve. MIGUIDE was founded with a charter to form long term, mutually beneficial relationships with technology companies and help them bring more innovative solutions to their OEM customers.

Utilizing our deep market and product knowledge combined with our extensive marketing experience, we help technology companies in several ways:

Help you see and fill gaps in the market and across your customers’   portfolio.

Implement a market driven planning process and guide you towards   opportunities for enabling more innovative solutions for your customers   utilizing your core competencies.

Work with your teams to engage more strategically with your OEM   customers by delivering a stronger value proposition through market
  driven innovation.

Partner with you to represent and correctly position your brand and   portfolio of solutions to your existing customers as we also help develop   new business for you with new customers.
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